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What will you do with your Third Act?

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What will you do with your Third Act?

This past Saturday found me in the sprawling expanse of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, marking the final field day of my Archaeology Technician class. Among the remnants of ancient milling stations and stone tools, I couldn't help but feel a deep connection to the past and the indigenous cultures that once called this land home. It was a powerful reminder of the journey I've been on, a path that has led me across the United States in my RV, and now, to embracing my role as a Climate Steward and Archaeology Tech in California. This adventure feels like it's setting the stage for what I've started calling my "third act."

The concept of the "third act" refers to the final chapters of our lives, a period ripe with potential for reflection and purpose. Turning 60 last December brought with it a heightened awareness of time's swift passage and a pressing question: What do I want these concluding chapters to look like? For me, the answer lies in dedicating myself to the planet's future, blending my lifelong expertise in sociology and finance with my passion for environmental stewardship. This ambition is driving me to explore the field of EcoFin, where the principles of ecology and finance meet. And it's the primary reason why I am hosting the upcoming PlanetSmart Finance Fest.

Admitting this goal feels both exhilarating and intimidating. Aging, after all, brings its own set of reflections, particularly about the legacy we wish to leave behind. Recently, as I wandered the ridge trails of my community, observing the slow, resilient regrowth after last year's wildfire, I was reminded of the preciousness of this stage of life. It's a privilege to grow older, to witness the world's capacity for renewal, and to contemplate our place within it. This privilege is not afforded to everyone; I've lost friends who will never see the beauty of another sunrise or hear the morning's first bird songs.

Their absence serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of living with intention and purpose. It's a call to honor their memory by making the most of the time we have left, to pursue a life filled with meaning and impact.

So, I invite you to ponder alongside me: What does your "third act" look like? How will you make these years count, not just for yourself but for the world around you?

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