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My Big Week: Speaking, PlanetSmart Finance Fest, and the Catzebo

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My Big Week: Speaking, PlanetSmart Finance Fest, and the Catzebo

My Big Week

You ever have one of those weeks where all the anticipation builds up to a crescendo of excitement and nerves? Well, that's exactly where I find myself right now. But this isn't just any ordinary week. No, this is my Big Week, with not just one, but two major events on the horizon.

First up, I've got my speaking engagement at California State University in San Bernardino. I've been hustling for months, reaching out to college leaders across California, Oregon, and Washington, spreading the word about my talk, From Ramen To Riches: A Student's Guide to an Awesome Financial Life. I've prepped and primed, and yes, I'll admit, there's a flutter of nerves mixed in with the excitement. But you know what they say, that nervous energy is just the fuel we need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and onto new horizons.

Speaking of horizons, my second big event is the PlanetSmart Finance Fest, set to launch on Earth Day, April 22nd. This has been a labor of love, months in the making. From reaching out to potential speakers to uncovering a whole community of eco-conscious financial wizards, it's been a journey. And now, as the launch date approaches, I'm laser-focused on spreading the word. Have you registered yet?


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On the Home Front

Now, let's talk about some personal victories. A few weeks back, I upgraded to a new site in my RV community, and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer. Gone are the days of a bare-bones "starter site." Now, I've got pavers and a gazebo. And that gazebo? Well, it's in the process of becoming a catzebo - a screened-in paradise for Izzy and Coco, complete with climbing structures and catwalks. Throw in some new patio furniture, and suddenly, my little corner of the world feels like home.

Living in an RV was always about getting closer to nature, and this catzebo is the cherry on top. Come mid-June, I'll be hitting the road again, but knowing I've got this cozy oasis waiting for me upon my return in the fall? That's pure bliss.

Will you Share the News?

Now, I need your help to make the PlanetSmart Finance Fest a roaring success. It's a FREE event designed for folks who want to build wealth while making a positive impact on the planet. So, spread the word far and wide! If you know someone who'd be interested, please, share the news. Your support means the world to me.

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