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What if you could build your own community?

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What if you could build your own community?

I am a member of an RV co-op, created 35 years ago from the dreams of pioneering seniors, a testament to the power of shared dreams. Many of the founders still reside in the park, sharing stories and welcoming new members. What began as a dream turned into a vibrant community and a place to call "home."

Reflecting on this, my own journey from the inception of the Gutsy Women Club to the brink of the PlanetSmart Finance Fest mirrors a quest for meaning, impact, and community. Initially, my path felt like wandering in a fog, guided by external advice without a true north. But as the Fest takes shape, with April's lineup of guest speakers nicely progressing, a surge of energy and purpose fills me. This isn't just about planning an event; it's a beacon guiding me towards a future where community and impact are not just aspirations but tangible outcomes.

The horizon holds something even more profound – the EcoWealth Collective. Envisioning this initiative, I'm looking to cultivate a space where learning, support, and deep connections flourish. The cornerstone of this community? EcoWealth. It's more than a concept; it's a revolution in how we view prosperity. It's about achieving financial freedom while embracing environmental and social justice, rejecting the excesses typically associated with wealth, and cherishing a sustainable lifestyle that celebrates joy and planetary health.

As I navigate the preparations for PlanetSmart Finance Fest, the blueprint for EcoWealth Collective becomes clearer. My aim is to regularly feature inspiring guest speakers, workshop leaders, and partners, offering them fair compensation for their invaluable contributions. This quest for partners and collaborators who share our vision is ongoing, and I welcome any insight or connections you might offer.

This endeavor is part of my "Third Act," a phase dedicated to impactful priorities – for me, that's environmental regeneration and reshaping our financial narratives for the greater good. Contributing, even in the smallest ways, to our journey towards a more mindful relationship with money and our environment, would be a cherished legacy.

There's no better time than now to join us for PlanetSmart Finance Fest. Click on the button below to learn more and register. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, where our financial decisions align with the health of our planet, forging a future we can all be proud of.


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Hi! I'm Dr. Brenda

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