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How do you get out of a Funk?

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I almost let this week's newsletter pass me by. Yet, here we are, together again. I feel it's important to share that recently, I've been navigating through a lingering funk, a sentiment I know many of you can relate to. Even in California, the winter can cast a long shadow, but this goes beyond seasonal blues.

As someone who usually thrives on the energy of living on the road, engaging in financial coaching, and sharing insights through speaking and writing, I've always taken pride in the value and change I bring to people's lives. Yet, I must confront a stark reality: despite the impact and the fulfillment it brings, my business is not yet profitable.

The journey into financial coaching was fueled by a desire to help others reach financial freedom, a mission that has driven me to create courses, workshops, programs, and speeches, not to mention my book, Money Road Trip. But creating valuable content is only part of the equation; reaching the right audience is critical. That's why I've declared 2024 a pivotal year for my endeavors: it's the year I turn a profit or reconsider my path, potentially transitioning my passion into a side hustle while seeking more stable financial ground.

This period of introspection isn't solely about the financial aspects of my career. The truth is, my life has undergone significant changes. From May 2020 to September 2023, I explored the U.S. in my RV, an experience that was enriching and freeing. Yet, having now settled in Southern California with the intention of growing my business and building a community, I find myself questioning everything. The sense of belonging and purpose I sought hasn't materialized as I hoped, leaving me to ponder my next steps.

In 2019, I felt a similar restlessness, a signal that it was time for a change. That led me to embrace RV living and seek out amazing adventures. Today, I'm facing that familiar unsettled feeling. This time, however, I'm learning to coexist with this discomfort, allowing it to guide me rather than resist it. Perhaps, this is simply the precursor to another transformative chapter in my life.

What I know for sure is that transitions and uncertainties are part of the journey. I trust that, in time, new opportunities will reveal themselves. Until then, I'm committed to navigating this phase with openness and resilience.

New Workshop: New Job, Smart Money Moves

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In the midst of these reflections and transitions, the wheel keeps turning, and the work doesn't stop. This month, I'm excited to introduce a brand new workshop that's been brewing in my mind for quite some time. It's centered around a pivotal moment we all face at some point: starting a new job. Whether it's your first job or the next chapter in a long career, each new beginning presents a golden opportunity to set your financial future on the right course. Yet, it's also a period fraught with decision fatigue. Amidst the whirlwind of adapting to new social norms, understanding the workplace culture, and mastering our job roles, the critical task of managing our newfound income often takes a back seat.

This workshop is designed to cut through that noise, providing clear, actionable strategies for making the most of your paycheck from day one. I believe it's a must-attend for anyone embarking on a new job journey, and I encourage you to spread the word among friends and family who are in this very phase.

To make it even more accessible, I'm offering a special discount: the workshop is priced at $25, but you can enjoy a $5 reduction by using the Promo Code 'LEAPYEAR' when you sign up. This is more than just a workshop; it's an investment in your financial well-being and a step towards navigating your career with confidence and clarity.

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