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Embarking on a Fresh Adventure: Unveiling our 2024 Journey Together!

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A Fresh Start and a Renewed Focus

Happy New Year, dear friends! As we step into 2024, I'm thrilled to reconnect with you in a more classic newsletter style – think of it as a cozy chat with an old friend. I'll still sprinkle updates on my business and offerings, but let's dive deeper into the adventures of life together.

Have you ever found yourself lost in thought, staring out the windshield, pondering the road ahead, or maybe sneaking a peek in the rearview mirror, musing over what's already passed? For me, the past year was like a theme park ride – unexpected twists in my business and, let's just say, my health routine could have used a bit more... routine. But that's life, isn't it? We've all been there. The arrival of a new year, though, always feels like opening a fresh chapter, ripe with opportunities to reboot our goals and reignite our aspirations.

Change is the only constant, they say. So here I am, sleeves rolled up, brimming with enthusiasm for some thrilling transformations on the horizon.

These past few months have been a quiet yet transformative period, steering my business to align with my soul's calling – nature and the health of the planet. This isn't a newfound love, though. My college days at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire were spent digging into environmental issues, surrounded by musty tomes and Superfund site data. So, it's back to the roots for me – focusing on Mother Earth's wellbeing.

Digging Deep with Archaeology

Exciting news! I've just completed the California Climate Stewards program and stumbled upon a fascinating opportunity – training as a volunteer Archaeology Technician. Imagine six weekends of delving into the mysteries of archaeology, learning about survey and excavation techniques, all sponsored by the Begole Archaeological Research Center Lab. I'm all geared up for our first class on January 19. Stay tuned for some dirt-digging stories!

PlanetSmart Finances: A Bold New Direction

On the business front, I've had this epiphany – why not merge my financial coaching with environmental consciousness? Enter PlanetSmart Finances, my leap into the world of EcoFin. This approach marries green investing with sustainable living practices, aiming to nurture your wealth and the planet simultaneously. Keep an eye out for PlanetSmart Finance Fest, this spring, where we'll blend science with finance to foster a future brimming with hope and action.

Exclusive Invitation: Money Road Trip Course's Maiden Voyage

Here's something I'm buzzing about – my Money Road Trip workbooks (2024 and Graduation editions) are available on Amazon! And, as I craft an online course around them, I have a steal of a deal for you. For just $27, unlock the treasure trove of content in this course (psst... the price hops to $47 on January 8).

As we embark on this year, let's vow to master our finances and make a positive impact on our beautiful planet. Here's to a year of growth, learning, and doing our bit for the Earth. Happy 2024, everyone! πŸŒ±πŸ’ΌπŸŒ

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Hi! I'm Dr. Brenda

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