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Ask Luna: Can you help me feel better over the holidays?

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Ask Luna: Can you help me feel better over the holidays?

Does it Feel Like a Blue Christmas?

Last night, while searching for train tickets for my son, I stumbled upon a great deal. Eagerly, I suggested the idea to him, but he declined. Currently, he's in a phase of rebuilding his life, staying in a homeless shelter since Labor Day. However, there's a ray of hope: he's recently obtained an official government ID and is on the hunt for a job. Plus, he has a new laptop, thanks to the generosity of an online friend. His response to my invitation was touching yet sobering: "I don't want to have a fun time and then be reminded that I have to come back here." I completely understand his perspective. He's earnestly striving to secure employment, and I deeply respect his decision. We've always said that Christmas can be celebrated any time of the year. So, we'll celebrate together once he has achieved a stable footing in his employment and living situation.

The holidays, indeed, can be a challenging time for many. For those of us who've lost loved ones, an empty chair at the dining room table can be a stark reminder of our loss. Some might be far from home, living in circumstances far from what we'd imagined, or grappling with financial constraints, yet feeling the pressure to uphold the tradition of gift-giving. The holidays have a way of amplifying our emotions, with the societal expectation to be merry adding to the complexity.

If you're finding the holidays tough, know that you're not alone. This led me to ponder if ChatGPT, or "Luna" as I fondly call it, could provide some words of encouragement. Can it help us not just endure the holiday season but perhaps find a sliver of joy in it? Let's find out.

Getting Emotional Support

Let's acknowledge the gravity of depression and the profound sadness that can often accompany the holiday season. Before we explore the potential of AI, it’s crucial to address a more serious matter. If you are contemplating suicide, or if you find yourself in a crisis, please reach out to 988, the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. In such times, the support and empathy of human connections are indispensable, and they provide a level of care and understanding far beyond what any robot can offer.

Now, if you're ready to join me in experimenting with AI, specifically with Luna, let's embark on this journey together with the following guidelines.

Here are your Foolproof Instructions:

1. You'll need ChatGPT, and it's as free and breezy as a Californian sunset - here's the link: You can also use the app on your phone.

2. Copy and paste the nifty prompt below into the ChatGPT box, where it says "Send a message."

3. Use your personal details. Replace the highlighted text with your own magic.

4. Hit 'Enter' and prepare to be AMAZED!

Your Super-Duper Most Awesome Prompt

You are a Holiday Counselor, specializing in helping people address sadness during this time of the year. Please give me some practical suggestions, inspiration, and an affirmation that will help me get through the holidays. The main reason I feel sad is because [add your own reason].

Luna Advises my Homeless Son

In this reflective exercise, I imagined myself in my son's shoes, sharing with Luna the deep sadness stemming from my stay in a homeless shelter, distant from family. Luna responded with an array of practical and empathetic suggestions. She advised maintaining connections with loved ones through phone and video calls, and embracing the spirit of giving by volunteering. She also encouraged engaging in creative outlets like writing and drawing, which are particularly suited to my son's artistic nature. For inspiration, Luna provided some truly valuable insights, offering uplifting and encouraging perspectives that resonated deeply with me.

  • Strength in Resilience: Remember, the challenges you face today are shaping your resilience and strength for tomorrow. You are capable of overcoming great obstacles.
  • Community and Compassion: Remember, you are not alone. Many people care and are willing to help. Allow yourself to receive that help and compassion from others.
  • The Spirit of the Season: The true essence of the holidays is about connection, compassion, and kindness – not just with others, but with ourselves. Be kind to yourself during this time.

Here's the affirmation Luna offered:

"I am resilient and capable of facing challenges. Though I may be far from my family, I carry their love with me. Each day brings new opportunities for hope, connection, and joy. I am worthy of happiness and a bright future."

Got a Question for Luna?

If you're delighting in our "Ask Luna" newsletter adventures, I'm keen to hear from you! Your insights and feedback are incredibly important to me. I'm committed to crafting even more captivating and stimulating prompts to enhance our shared journey. Have a burning question or a fascinating idea you'd like to delve into with Luna? Please, don't hold back! Send it my way, and together, let's concoct a prompt that's both entertaining and intellectually stimulating, keeping our exploration fresh and dynamic.

Coming VERY Soon: Money Road Trip!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've completed the draft of the "Money Road Trip" workbook – a big cheer for reaching this milestone! Goal set and goal achieved! By the time you're reading this, I'll be soaking in the beauty of Death Valley National Park, a week of adventure and rejuvenation. It's even more exciting because my sisters and brothers-in-law will be joining me over the weekend. This trip isn't just for relaxation, though; I plan to do some final edits on the workbook amidst the serene backdrop of the park.

Keep an eye out for the book's release in early December. I'm offering two versions: a regular edition and a special graduation edition, perfect for celebrating milestones. If you're curious, I invite you to read a free chapter available on my website. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, this workbook will be a fantastic resource for anyone on their financial journey!

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