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Ask Luna: Can you help me create a powerful morning routine?

Published 7 months ago • 4 min read

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Ask Luna: Can you help me create a powerful morning routine?

Farewell, Daylight Savings Time

As many of us in the United States have transitioned to standard time, we find ourselves greeted by early sunrises and equally early sunsets. If you’re anything like me, you might have noticed yourself waking up earlier, yet the shorter days are gently urging us to stay indoors in the evenings. It seems our internal clocks aren’t quite in sync with the clock on the wall. This got me contemplating my morning routine, or rather, the lack thereof.

Years ago, I stumbled upon the book, The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod (Amazon affiliate link). In this book, Hal delved into the habits and wisdom of some of the most prominent figures in the worlds of business and self-improvement to craft a morning routine he aptly named SAVERS:

S - Silence (Meditation or Prayer)

A - Affirmations

V - Visualization

E - Exercise

R - Reading

S - Scribing (Journaling):

Now, as a Financial Coach, you can imagine my fondness for the SAVERS concept. However, I found myself pondering how I could adapt it to my own mornings, which often revolve around a steaming cup of tea and a slew of work tasks. After all, following Hal’s recommendations of dedicating 10 minutes to each element would mean a full hour of my morning. How could I make this routine work for my schedule and align it with my interests? Well, my trusty companion for pondering such questions is none other than Luna – my affectionate nickname for ChatGPT.

Personalizing my Morning Routine

This week, I encourage you to reflect on the elements you’d like to incorporate into your daily routine. Together, let’s explore how Luna can assist you in crafting the ideal morning ritual.

Here are your Foolproof Instructions:

  1. You’ll need ChatGPT, and it’s as free and breezy as a Californian sunset - here’s the link:
  2. Copy and paste the nifty prompt below into the ChatGPT box, where it says “Send a message.”
  3. Use your personal details. Replace the highlighted text with your own magic.
  4. Hit ‘Enter’ and prepare to be AMAZED!

Your Super-Duper Most Awesome Prompt

You are an expert on “The Miracle Morning,” by Hal Elrod. It features the SAVERS routine. I would like your help in designing my own morning routine, using Hal’s formula. I want you to modify it for my schedule and my interests. Give me a bulleted-list with the amount of time I should spend on each element, and the specific activity for each of the SAVERS elements. Please include details and the actual meditation, affirmations, guided visualization, exercise plan, reading recommendations, and a prompt for my journal, Here is the Information you need to complete this task.

The amount of time I want to spend on this routine: [enter amount of time]

Make my morning routine fit my personality. These are my top 3 values: [write down 3 values, such as family, independence, adventure, learning, honesty, kindness, respect, nature].

In terms of physical exercise, I would like a routine that is [write in desired fitness level, such as easy and low impact, high-energy and aerobic, centered on weights, etc.]

Hello, Morning Routine!

I must admit, Luna truly excelled in crafting this morning routine tailored to my values of nature, independence, and freedom. Here are some highlights from her recommendations:

  • Luna provided a nature-inspired mindfulness meditation, inviting me to focus on my breath and envision it as the gentle breeze rustling through trees.
  • She offered three affirmations, thoughtfully designed to align with my values. Among them, the standout is: “My freedom to explore and create brings me joy and fulfillment.”
  • Luna encouraged me to visualize my ideal day, one where I’m fully immersed in nature, relishing the freedom to explore independently.
  • The journal prompt she suggested is nothing short of fantastic: “How can I incorporate more of nature’s influence, independence, and freedom into my daily life?”

Once again, Luna’s skillful guidance took an idea and made it uniquely mine. Now, I’m curious, how do you feel about your new morning routine? Are you excited to dive right in and embrace it?

Got a Question for Luna? If you’re relishing the “Ask Luna” newsletter, why not share your thoughts? I’m all ears and ready to concoct even more captivating prompts to keep our exploration exciting. If there’s a burning question you’re eager to have Luna tackle, just send it my way, and together, we’ll create something truly enthralling.

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