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Ask Luna: Can you give me some fresh options for Thanksgiving blessings?

Published 3 months ago • 4 min read

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Ask Luna: Can you give me some fresh options for Thanksgiving blessings?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let's journey back in time to 1620, when a group of English Pilgrims, seeking religious freedom and new opportunities, embarked on a perilous voyage across the Atlantic. They arrived aboard the Mayflower, anchoring in present-day Massachusetts. However, their dreams of a new beginning were met with a harsh New England winter. Lacking adequate food and shelter, they faced severe hardships including exposure, scurvy, and outbreaks of contagious diseases.

Come spring 1621, a glimmer of hope appeared in the form of two Native Americans, Samoset and Squanto. Squanto, who had endured captivity in England and had learned English, became a vital bridge between cultures. He imparted essential survival skills to the Pilgrims, teaching them how to cultivate corn, tap maple trees for sap, fish in the local rivers, and forage for edible plants.

Their hard work bore fruit, and by fall 1621, the Pilgrims had a bountiful harvest. To celebrate, they organized a feast and welcomed the nearby Wampanoag tribe, led by Chief Massasoit. This shared meal, often regarded as the first Thanksgiving, symbolized a brief interlude of cooperation and goodwill in what would be a long, tumultuous history of colonial expansion and its profound impacts on Native American communities.

The tradition of Thanksgiving as a national holiday was formalized much later. In 1863, amidst the Civil War's strife, President Abraham Lincoln, influenced by the tireless advocacy of Sarah Josepha Hale—famed for penning "Mary Had a Little Lamb"—proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be observed each November. This act aimed to unite a divided nation through a common thread of gratitude and reflection.

Bring some Fresh Blessings to the Dinner Table

The essence of Thanksgiving lies in the celebration of unity, diversity, and gratitude. It's a season where we open our hearts and homes, embracing different cultures and cherishing each person's unique contributions. This holiday, let's extend our traditions by incorporating blessings that reflect the diverse tapestry of our nation. Let's see if ChatGPT (aka Luna) can help us with this task.

Here are your Foolproof Instructions:

1. You'll need ChatGPT, and it's as free and breezy as a Californian sunset - here's the link: You can also use the app on your phone.

2. Copy and paste the nifty prompt below into the ChatGPT box, where it says "Send a message."

3. Use your personal details. Replace the highlighted text with your own magic.

4. Hit 'Enter' and prepare to be AMAZED!

Your Super-Duper Most Awesome Prompt

Thanksgiving is about embracing cultures and sharing the abundance around us. Can you give me some fresh options for Thanksgiving blessings? Please provide a variety of blessings from different origins suitable for this holiday.

**NOTE: If you'd like blessings from particular cultures, you can add a second prompt:

Please give me blessings that originate from these cultures: [cultures, such as Native American, Ukrainian, Kenyan, Vietnamese, etc.]

Luna Delivers the Blessings!

Luna delivered a terrific variety of blessings. Here are my two favorites.

  • May the stars carry your sadness away, may the flowers fill your heart with beauty, may hope forever wipe away your tears, and, above all, may silence make you strong. (traditional Native American blessing)
  • For the winding roads we've traveled, the lessons learned, and the love shared, we are grateful. May our journey through life be blessed with kindness, courage, and laughter.

I love these blessings! Thanks, Luna.

Got a Question for Luna?

If you're enjoying the journey through the "Ask Luna" newsletter, I'd love to hear your feedback! Your thoughts are valuable to me, and I'm eager to create even more engaging and intriguing prompts that make our journey together even more exciting. Got a question or a curious thought you'd like to explore with Luna? Don't hesitate! Just send it over, and let's collaborate to design a fun and thought-provoking prompt that keeps our adventure alive and vibrant. Your input is the key to making "Ask Luna" a delightful and enriching experience for everyone!

Coming Soon: Money Road Trip!

I embarked on an audacious journey: to complete the first draft of my "Money Road Trip" workbook by Thanksgiving. It was a rollercoaster ride, with moments of doubt where I nearly backed out. But then, a revelation hit me – I needed to focus on the word 'DRAFT'. It dawned on me that perfection isn't the goal at this stage; it's all about crafting the content, with refinement to come later. And guess what? Luna has been an incredible sidekick, editing this workbook into a beautifully engaging symphony!

I've teamed up with a talented book cover designer and am now just a heartbeat away from launching "Money Road Trip" as a print-on-demand book on Amazon. I'm so excited to give you a sneak peek – you can even download a free chapter to get a taste of the adventure!

And here's the cherry on top: I'm releasing two versions – the regular edition and a special graduation edition. Because, let's face it, mastering personal finances early is your golden ticket to financial freedom!

Are you intrigued? If you'd like to join this exciting journey as an early reviewer, I'm all ears! Drop me a message, and let's connect. Your input could be the magic touch this project needs. I can't wait to hear from you!

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