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Are you Ready to Move from Spectator to Participant?

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Are you Ready to Move from Spectator to Participant?

We are in the midst of rain and storm advisories in Southern California, but the forecast now promises a sunny reprieve by week's end. From my vantage point on our mountain ridge RV resort, the aftermath is clear: hills are lush and vibrant, a testament to nature's resilience, as the landscape awakens with greenery and blooming flowers. It's a reminder of the dynamic shift between seasons, witnessed from the comfort of my RV.

This unexpected downpour morphed my weekend into an unplanned mini-vacation. Our scheduled Archaeology Technician fieldwork in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park was canceled due to the weather, and I found myself in an unusual situation โ€“ without my trusty laptop, which was away for some maintenance with a friend. This led me to rediscover life without screens, diving into some rig improvements, tidying up, managing the laundry, and even treating myself to a rare meal out with a friend. It was a welcome pause from the digital hustle. Mental note: carve out more time for these laptop-free sanctuaries in my schedule.

The weekend also marked a special occasion โ€“ Coco, the queen of my lap, celebrated her 6th birthday. With Isabella photobombing in the background, we marked the day with what any respectable celebration calls for: an ice cream run post some dedicated email crunching time. Birthdays, in my world, are just another fabulous excuse for ice cream, aren't they?

Settling into my weekly routine, I've structured my days around specific themes, from Media Monday through Finance Friday. Despite the packed agenda, I've grown accustomed to the rhythm, finding satisfaction in the process and occasionally getting ahead of tasks. My newest initiative? Starting a 60-day TikTok challenge, where I share my travel images and invite followers to share how they would spend their days with financial freedom. It feels like revisiting cherished memories, now with the added excitement of engaging with a global audience.

Sitting on the Sidelines

Reflecting on adventures, a friend just returned from an exhilarating journey in New Zealand, brimming with stories of hikes, ziplines, and skydives. Her experiences serve as a vivid reminder that life's richness lies beyond the comfort zone, urging us to leap into action rather than observe from the sidelines. This insight sparked a thought about participants in my Money Road Trip program, particularly those who've yet to fully engage. Time and money stand as our most precious resources, but too often, it's the investment of time we overlook. What does it take to shift from passive onlooker to active trailblazer, embracing the opportunities that await?

Financial Literacy vs. Financial Behavior

I've been reaching out to college campuses, hoping to sprinkle a little excitement into the world of finance education with my talk (From Ramen to Riches: A Student's Guide to an Awesome Financial Life). A number of campuses offer "canned" financial literacy programs - programs that could put a caffeinated squirrel to sleep, drowning in jargon and lifeless PowerPoint slides. My mission? To prove that managing finances can be as exhilarating as a road trip with your best pals. Because let's face it, financial literacy should be anything but boring. It's about behavior, experimenting to find what clicks for you, and turning the mundane into something magical. Check out the "magic backpack" I bring to speaking gigs.


How about Joining me in the Money Road Trip Course?

If you're wondering whether to join the Money Road Trip course or dive into the book โ€“ why not both? My recent GoodReads giveaway saw almost 2,000 eager participants, a testament to the journey's appeal. If you've journeyed with us through the pages, consider leaving a review (Amazon link). Your words are the fuel that keeps this adventure going.

Want to take the course? Click the button below.

Here's to a week filled with unexpected joys, learning moments, and the courage to step off the sidelines.

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