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Accelerating Productivity: My Game-Changing Week

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Accelerating Productivity: My Game-Changing Week

This past week, I've been thinking about the concept of obsession. Typically, it's not seen in the best light. Being obsessed usually implies a laser-focus on one area, sometimes at the expense of everything else. But what if we could channel this obsession in a positive way? Imagine using it as a lever to achieve remarkable feats in a surprisingly short span? It's about transforming a perceived weakness into a formidable strength.

Turning Obsession Into Output

Rewind to last fall. I was juggling 29 things at a time, the norm for many of us solo entrepreneurs, It was like playing a relentless game of whack-a-mole. Each time I managed to knock one task off the list, another would promptly pop up to take its place. Amidst this chaos, I realized that my primary goal for the year โ€“ writing a book โ€“ was getting lost in the shuffle of endless multitasking.

So, I made a decision: I turned myself into an obsession machine. I shifted my focus solely to writing, setting aside other distractions. The result? Two months of intense, focused effort, and my book was complete. By December, all the pieces fell into place, and the Money Road Trip was published. Sure, I was worn out, but the feeling of holding my own book in my hands? Absolutely exhilarating!

As the new year dawned, I once again felt the tug of managing too many projects and tasks. It was a familiar scenario, but this time, it came with a sense of drifting aimlessly. Progress was happening, but it was incremental and scattered across too many fronts. What tangible outcomes was I actually achieving? Reflecting on my book-writing journey, I realized the power of that focused obsession. It sparked an idea: why not harness this same intense dedication for the upcoming year? I am set on making this year not just another chapter, but a blockbuster in my story.

A Structured Approach to Obsession

So, I took action. I assigned a distinct mission to each day of the work week. Here's the breakdown of how it's structured:

  • Media Monday: Crafting and scheduling posts and newsletters for the week.
  • Talking Tuesday: Hunting down speaking opportunities at local colleges and universities.
  • Winning Wednesday: Implementing the marketing strategy for 'Money Road Trip'.
  • Thriving Thursday: Plotting the course for PlanetSmart Finance Fest.
  • Finance Friday: Tidying up my personal and business finances and revisiting my strategic plan.

Naturally, my week involves more than these missions. There's the creation of instructional videos for the Money Road Trip course, for instance. These creative endeavors? They're where I thrive. It's the challenge of marketing and outreach that really stretches me. And it's in stepping out of that comfort zone where the real magic โ€“ and yes, the real earnings โ€“ begin to happen.

Week One: A Promising Start

I've just wrapped up the inaugural week of this new schedule, and it's been fantastic! My focus was on laying the groundwork: crafting a marketing plan, organizing the framework for PlanetSmart Finance Fest, and mapping out a social media strategy. Now, the stage is set for action. The plan is to evolve this into a well-established routine, scheduling tasks several weeks in advance. As summer approaches and the call for more RV adventures grows stronger, I'm gearing up to get ahead, making space for some amazing experiences on the road.

Join the Money Road Trip

I invite you to explore my Money Road Trip books and online course. Just click on the link below to find out more and sign up. Is it time for you to get a bit obsessed with your finances?

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